Change - talk is easy, action is harder

What are you trying to change:

Someday Culture is your organisation's social training app for implementing changes and getting your strategies revitalized.

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How it works

For a change to be successful we belive that you can not do it by yourself.
Through our technology we base our method on these 5.

70-20-10 model
The 70 20 10 model. 70% of our learning comes from direct on the work experiences. 20% comes from relations with other people. While 10% comes from Training.
We base our learning off the 70-20-10 model and our programs are designed for the employees to learn on the job and not just in theory
Training plans
Group of people having a workshop
We believe if an action is done several times you will learn it by heart. That`s how our programs are designed, for the employee to start where they feel they need it the most and work their way from there through repetitions.
Scrabble pieces spelling "Start making changes"
To be able to change an organisation we need a commitment from the employees. Make it practical for the employees to understand and commit to the changes that you are about to launch.
Guy on his phone
Our app are using gamification to engage the employees. We are making it fun to do the tasks offered in the app
Power of the community
Group of people on their computers
If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go together. This is in our core from our design. Changes within an organisation can not just be one person, it needs to involve. Through our feed, and the community within we belive you are able to go far with your changes.



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As many as 86% of new hires will quit within 6 months if the company is not providing these simple things. Continuously follow up, access to all the tools needed to do the work and a buddy system with an intention. By using our program not only will everyone involved get notifications when they get a task, but you will make sure that the new hires are feeling welcome and being given the best chances for success.

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Everyone agrees that safety is important, but implementing those new routines can be hard. That’s where our program is great. It has tasks supporting the organization’s strategic safety goals and its build upon gamification and the power of the community.

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Our sustainability program is focuses on what the employee as individuals are able to do. The program touches into several of the UN sustainability goals and its a fun way to actively see how you participate to make the world a little better

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All businesses will be affected by good or poor management and those that feel the most pressure are team leaders. With our program you can help them feel empowered in the position and install a unified management culture across the company

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