About Someday

We at Someday are tired of all the talk from sustainability to remote work to employee engagement and there are so little effort. We wanted to do something about that and we gathered the experience from our times as CEOs, trainers and UX and came up with Someday Business
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How it started

The Someday team consists of many different people with a varied background, ranging from students to directors of large international companies. Many of us have seen change processes fail, have not seen committed employees and have thought for a long time that it must be possible to do something about it, especially when you see that companies where they have an engaging culture have an average 186% higher share value over time . What if we could help companies create such jobs? Create jobs where employees are actually looking forward to work? Where to find a meaning to the job? With that as a starting point, we contacted, among others, BASF, Princess and Olivenlunden 1830, and were allowed to develop our solutions together with them.

Image of Ole

Ole Reierstad

Technical leader / Founder

Image of Jon-Magne

Jon-Magne Aa. Jønholt

UX designer

Image of Yvonne

Yvonne Fosser


Image of Cathrine

Cathrine Brudal


Image of Jannicke

Jannicke Bergvik


Image of Gaute

Gaute Engbakk

Advisory board

Image of Svein

Svein Ove Brekke

Advisory board

Image of Vidar

Vidar Singh

Advisory board

Image of Sut

Sut I Wong

Advisory board

Image of Satvir

Satvir Singh Parmar

Advisory board

Image of Lisa

Lisa Helene Smith


Image of Amund

Amund Bjørnstad


Image of Morten

Morten Molin Wang